To Our Grand Old Flag –

Saturday evening I went for a walk and while I was out I noticed our flag.  It was breezy so the flag was sticking out in the wind just enough to see the distinct stars lined up against the blue background, the red stripes and the white  stripes.  I took a picture…one day before the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

This morning on 9/11 I got up, put on my shoes and running clothes  and went for a run.  It was peaceful and quiet outside.   No headphones – just the sound of me breathing and my feet.  I looked up and saw the same  flag today at half mass.  Silently hugging the flag pole…no wind.  …and it made me think….

Ten years ago, I went for a run the day after 9/11.  It wasn’t peaceful.  It was the evening after the morning of the 9/11 tragedy.   The sun was still out but everything was dead quiet.  Few people were outside.  No planes were in the sky.  Some houses had flags outside.  Some did not.  It was a eerie day.  A very sad day.  A day full of questions and uncertainity. It was a day that made me think of my family, my friends and made me call them. 

Throughout this past week,  the news has been commenerating the ten year anniversary of 9/11.  The children of the fallen have spoken this week.   A look back on that day has been played and replayed.  It makes me sad.  It makes me think of those who lost their husband, wife, Mom, Dad, daughter, son, sister , or brother.   9/11 is historic beyond imaginable….In a day of cameras and technology the pictures of the actual attack, the destruction, the grief and the aftermath year after year will be with us forever; in every form of media.  Interviews, film, pictures, etc.  It won’t every be buried in a history book on the 11th chapter.  It will always be vivid and part of America.  So yes it makes me sad. 

But what I also realized when looking at our flag is that it  never fades.  It will always be bold.  It will always be blue, the stars will always be precise.  The stripes exact.  The United States Flag resembles so much for all of us.  It’s where people want to come that don’t live in the United States.  The land of freedom, opportunity and growth.  America the Beautiful.

That flag might have made me sad thinking about 9/11 but it also made me grateful because it speaks to each of us every day when we wake up in the morning able to get out of bed and go for a run, pick our jobs, choose our careers, build our businesses, raise our families,  pick our schools, voice our opinions, and so much more…  So today, I thank all of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice that has made this country what it is.   A country different than all others just like our flag. 

 And when looking at our flag always remember  the firefighters, the soldiers, and all others who serve and protect us allowing us to live in such a great country.   No one will ever forget the flag  held proudly at ground zero on the day of the attack.   So I move forward quietly tonight never forgetting but also always remembering our Flag….and our Country.   And I pray for each of the families that  lost loved ones on 9/11 and hope they see how America (each of us) will never forget.


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